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Rev Soeda and Seizanji Shinbukan.jpg

The beauty of Shingon Buddhism in a photo... The Head of Koyasan Kongobuji Headquarters, Ex-Principal of Koyasan High School and Dean of Koyasan University, Rev. Soeda Ryusho in Sydney having fun with Seizanji monks and Ninjutsu students.

How do you unify mind, body and spirit?

Rev. Saito also known as Soke Saito, believes martial arts and Shingon Buddhism complement each other. After 45 years of martial arts dedication, he felt he needed more meaning and found it in Shingon Buddhism.

Strong mind, strong body. 

A strong mind and strong body is not definitive and is relative to one's circumstances. What's more important is taking ownership of one's path and incrementally striving to be better. 

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