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AJIKAN meditation Shingon Buddhism

Ajikan Meditation/阿字観瞑想

The principle of Ajikan meditation echoes the essence of Shingon Buddhism; 'emptiness'. The practice itself involves:


1) vocally sounding the syllable "ah", which is considered the sound of beginnings like birth. Similar to first letter, "a" in the English alphabet and あ in the Japanese hiragana.


2) Physically observing 'the moon scroll'/Gachirinkan 月輪觀 and then becoming one with it.


3) sustained diaphragmatic breathing

The goal of our practice is to be in a 'flow state' and achieve emptiness. Emptiness is often misunderstood as depressing. Emptiness should be understood as 'what is' not through the lens of 'what should'. 

Each class is $20 or contact us about membership options.

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