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Kaji Kitou 加持祈祷 aims to cleanse the mind, body and spirit by lighting incense sticks 108 times. The 108 represents 108 sufferings (eg: abuse to wrath) in humankind. 

To become ordained as a monk, one needs to burn 108 incense sticks each day for two weeks. If they fail to burn even 1 incense stick, they have to re-do the whole attempt. The practice demands focus and a trance-like state of patience.

In Japan, Kaji Kitou is predominantly used for instances ranging from births and funerals to everything in between. 

This practice became popularised when Kukai returned from China in 806 A.D.

Seizanji Temple's Kaji Kitou service costs $200 and takes around 2 hours plus a debriefing afterwards over tea. 

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