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Rev. Washo Saito

Living and breathing 'old school' Japanese warrior monk

Rev. Saito is a life long martial artist who had to use martial arts to survive in the rough streets of Asakusa, Japan. Born in the tail end of World War II Japan, he trained his body and mind to take on all sorts of suffering. 

Throughout his 50s, he began to seek more than martial arts. Through Ninjutsu training, he began to see how Shingon Buddhism historically and spiritually connects. There, his vision for connecting martial arts (mind and body) and Shingon Buddhism (spirituality) grew. He particularly liked how Shingon Buddhism is about consistent practice and self-development over worshipping deities (whilst this is commonly misunderstood). 

Rev. Saito is a tough but very friendly person who likes to make others laugh. Anyone who is committed to his guidance will understand patience, their own values and standing with integrity, no matter what. Most importantly, he lives and breathes that suffering is just a part of life and should be embraced. 

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